Abiquo v.4.2.3 now available

Abiquo v4.2.3 is now available for installation. This is an update for Abiquo v4.2, v4.2.1, and v4.2.2.
Please read the upgrade instructions (linked below) for this release.
Abiquo v4.2.3 resolves many issues and includes the following improvements.
  • 10348 - Control display of dashboard widgets with privileges instead of through Configuration view
  • 10343 - Add billing widgets to dashboard on the Hybrid tab with new privileges: View bills, Manage bills, Display VM cost view widget (hybrid tab) 
  • 10334 - Improve reuse of connection when hosts are removed/added from vCenter
  • 10328 - Set up vCloud with admin credentials 
  • 10327 - vCloud: Support multiple VMs per vCloud virtual appliance for an organization, which will now be an Abiquo VDC. Private networks can be connected to an external network for outside access  
  • 10326 - vCloud: Enable administrator to configure only live metrics, or live metrics fallback when historical data is not present 
  • 10319 - Retrieve missing VM template information when selecting a VM 
  • 10318 - Create load balancers using external networks. For example, vCloud Director only supports load balancers on external networks (organization network) 
  • 10306 - Improve VM views (API calls and performance) 
  • 10305 - Improve exception handling of HyperVCompute for deploy operations. Use abiquo.virtualfactory.hyperv.refreshMonitorJob.intervalms in abiquo.properties  
  • 10302 - vCloud - Cannot import templates with no vCPU. Report name and ID if CPU and/or RAM are not present. Set default of CPU=1, RAM=1024 MB
  • 10279 - Outdated amqp-client dependency in delorean module of Watchtower
  • 10272 - Undeploying VApp should return HTTP 204 instead of 202 if there are no VMs to undeploy
  • 10250 - Display the 'restore backup' info text when it is possible to restore the backup according to plugin functionality (some plugins support restore with VM powered ON)
  • 10249 - Allow for unmapped Samba shares to be used as datastores. Requires abiquo.properties and configuration in the hypervisor
  • 10238 - LDAP member search should be done with scope sub
  • 10231 - NSX-NAT - (UI) Select the NAT IP to use (for default SNAT) when creating a virtual datacenter. See Manage NAT for virtual datacenters and Manage Virtual Datacenters 
  • 10217 - Cannot save a host with a failed state check
  • 10212 - In Infrastructure, on Virtual machines tab, after performing a VM search, keep the state after user clicks on shortcut to VDC or VM
  • 10210 - Drop legacy bootstrap methods in favor of Cloud-init. See VM bootstrap script
  • 10209 - Create scaling group, add 'Create in maintenance mode' flag
  • 10199 - Configure length and character set of default guest password for guest customizations
  • 10198 - Show remote access password in VM summary for end user, with Show password link
  • 10192 - Hyper-V: Allow to specify VM config file path for swap files
  • 10180 - Implement periodic synchronization of virtual machine definition (vmdef)
  • 10163 - Add the "iconURL" attribute to the virtual machine in the API
  • 10133 - vCenter resource tagging tool (vcenter-tags) should use API instead of DB
  • 8248 - Hyper-V plugin must check for multiple concurrent connections to Hyper-V server

Release notes: http://wiki.abiquo.com/display/doc/Release+Notes
How to upgrade: http://wiki.abiquo.com/display/doc/Upgrade+Abiquo


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