Abiquo v4.2.1 now available

Abiquo v4.2.1 is now available for installation. This is an update for Abiquo v4.2.
Please read the upgrade instructions (linked below) for this release.
Abiquo v4.2.1 resolves many issues and includes the following features and improvements.

    • 10088 - Dashboards - Last deployed and Most Time On VMs are not shown if user is deleted. Display VMs without user
    • 10080 - Identify Edges by enterprise. If you are using NSX, during the upgrade you must set abiquo.property: abiquo.nsx.edge.description or enterprise property: nsx.edge.description 
    • 10049 - Allow resize of the networks frame in the VDC view, as in the Infrastructure view. Support ticket: 5164
    • 10048 - Allow administrator to set the size of the Edge appliances
    • 10041 - Dashboard widgets - Users created by System properties should not be displayed on Home page
    • 10040 - Dashboard widgets - for Optimization → Unused public Ips, use "workload" instead of "instances"
    • 9984 - Dashboard widgets - Review filtering last deployed VMs by user
    • 9941 - Add shortcut for Ctrl+Alt+Del in Guacamole viewer
    • 9868 - Update jclouds version to 2.0.3 to improve China support
    • 9717 - Load balancers - Not able to attach them in a VDC after synchronization process ("Load Balancers" tab is required)
    • 9364 - Add button (+ sign) in Datacenter view should always prompt for rack or physical machine
    • 9358 - UI doesn't warn about VMs with names already in kinton database in the current DC during import.
    • 9230 - Confirmation dialog missing from Available IPs when moving all IPs
    • 9094 - Upload templates - Progress bar only displayed if "Disk" section was the last section filled in
    • 8203 - Go to vApp/VM from Infrastructure list of VMs on physical machines. As for Home view Dashboard, switch enterprise if necessary
Release notes: http://wiki.abiquo.com/display/doc/Release+Notes
How to upgrade: http://wiki.abiquo.com/display/doc/Upgrade+Abiquo


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