Top tip: three ways to limit resource consumption

Did you know you can limit the resource consumption of your tenants at three levels? Most of you will know about the Enterprise Allocation Limits, and Virtual Datacenter Allocation Limits.

Did you know that you can also limit at the Datacenter for each Enterprise? I'll show you how in a moment, but let's consider why this is a useful feature:

At the Enterprise level, if you're implementing hybrid hypervisor-based and public clouds, it may not make sense to try to control overall consumption. Rather, you might use the VDC limits. However, if your customers have multiple VDCs in the same datacenter - and especially if you let them create their own , you may want to limit at the datacenter level.

The hierarchy is:

  1. Enterprise limits control total consumption
  2. Datacenter limits control consumption in the DC for all VDCs in that DC for that Enterprise
  3. VDC limits control consumption in the VDC


To do this, go to the Users view, edit the Enterprise, click on the Datacenters tab, select the allowed Datacenter in the right column and click the edit icon.

You can then edit the allocation hard and soft limits. This is also where you set an Enterprise default datastore tier and default network.

All the info for v3.8 is here:


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