Keep your platform in sync with periodic retrieve

In some cases you may be sharing your hypervisor platform between Abiquo and other tools. For example, you may be in the process of moving VMs into Abiquo, or you may still manually provision onto your hosts. In this case it can be useful to regularly perform a "retrieve" operation on the Abiquo platform. When you do this, Abiquo has a list of all VMs, and takes them into account when the allocator selects a host for deployment of a new VM.

While you can do this manually through the GUI, you may find it more convenient to automate it, so we've written a solution so you don't have to create your own!

Find it on the wiki here:


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    Hamed Gholamian

    Hi Ian,

    URL does not seems to work. Ask for user/pass



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    Ian Finlay

    Thanks for alerting us! I've asked the doc team to look into that one.

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