How to migrate NFS template repository to a different location

This document may be applied to the following cases:

  • You are running an Abiquo PoC and once finished you want to migrate the NFS repository to a more "production ready" environment.
  • You added an Abiquo datacenter without editing file, so repository points to localhost (

For this situations, you can follow different procedures.

If you have not deployed anything.

This is the simpler case. If you realise your NFS repository is pointing to the wrong location, but you haven't deployed anything yet, follow steps below:

  1. Edit in the RS server and set correct value for "abiquo.appliancemanager.repositoryLocation" property.
  2. Restart the abiquo-tomcat service in RS server.
  3. From the Abiquo GUI, select the Infrastructure tab, select the affected datacenter and click the settings icon.
  4. In the resulting pop up, select the "Remote services" tab.
  5. Select the remote service named "Appliance Manager", and click the Settings icon. Note its URL and click "Cancel".
    • amedit.png
  6. Remove the remote service "Appliance Manager" by selecting it and clicking the minus icon.
  7. Re-add the Appliance Manager using the URL noted in step 5.

This will create a new Appliance Manager using the new repositoryLocation value.


If you have already deployed VMs.

In this case, you won't be able to remove the Appliance Manager remote service. You will need to migrate the whole content of the repository and edit current values in Abiquo to match the new locations.

For this purpose, please refer to the following document in our Wiki: How to migrate the NFS repository to a new NFS destination



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