How to see current tasks in Virtual Factory

version: Abiquo 2.3.X
component: Remote Services

You may want to know which tasks are being carried out by Virtual Factory at some point.

To obtain this information in a easy-readable format, you can have a look to the Virtual Factory console.
To access Virtual Factory console you can perform a curl query, wget or directly via browser.

You just need to use this URL: http://REMOTE-SERVICE-IP/virtualfactory/console

Output example:

Tarantino console at


0c2b835d-a2fb-49ec-b5af-bf25a7c1c8a6.34ede468-c855-4992-9a25-6933a6446f73 DONE
0c2b835d-a2fb-49ec-b5af-bf25a7c1c8a6.4af2d835-3d9c-4039-8018-2e5f14c798dc START

Later, you can look to catalina.out log and find out the task. 


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