Solution: Can't add KVM to Abiquo: NC-4

We installed a new KVM and when we try to add it to our Abiquo as a physical machine, Abiquo instead responds with the next error:

NC-4 - There is a machine running at the given IP but no hypervisor is responding

This happens because the communication between Abiquo and KVM is not possible as it lacks a piece. The communication goes Virtual Machine to Libvirt, from there Abiquo-AIM, the agent installed on the KVM passes communication between Libvirt and the Abiquo server's Redis.

Then we should check that in /etc/abiquo-aim.ini, the redisHost value is pointing to our Remote Services Abiquo server.

Once that information is correct, we should restart the abiquo-aim service doing the next:

service abiquo-aim restart

This should enable you to add the hypervisor correctly, otherwise please contact with our technical support.



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