Using a public NTP server

For ease of troubleshooting it is best to have all servers synchonized with the right time.  To set up your host to be an NTP client follow these steps:

  1. check to see if the NTP client software is installed: rpm -qa|grep ntp
  2. if the software is not installed it can be installed with: yum install -y ntp
  3. ensure that the NTP services come up after a system reboot:
    a. chkconfig ntpd on
    b. service ntpd start
  4. after installing the software sync the system clock with an NTP server from the list below: ntpdate
  5. type 'date' to confirm the date and time are correct

Note: These steps assume DNS is set up correctly.  If not then enter the NTP server list below into /etc/hosts, following the format of the file.  A sample /etc/hosts file is attached.



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