Abiquo Rebranding GUI

Abiquo Simple Branding

Abiquo simple branding allows a logo per Enterprise and the ability to choose one of five colour themes. Simple branding is enabled by adding an additional privilege to the Abiquo database. Simple branding can be enabled by using the SQL script attached to this article, or by using this command on the Abiquo Server

# mysql kinton

mysql> insert into roles_privileges values (1, (select idPrivilege from privilege where name = 'USERS_MANAGE_ENTERPRISE_BRANDING'),0);


Abiquo Advanced Branding

Abiquo Advanced Branding allows for the complete branding of the Abiquo GUI. Including replacing background colours, icons and logo's. Advanced Branding requires the Theme Kit and Branding documentation, which will allow you to create new branding themes.


Download the Theme

Access to the next linkin order to download the Theme Kit: 

Abiquo V2.0;


Abiquo V2.3:


Abiquo V2.4:


Abiquo V2.6:


user = enterprise

password = tCs3125

Note: The Theme Kit contains an old version of the kinton-premium-themes.sql script that should not be used. Use the script in this article.

How to Create the new Theme

Follow the instructions inside the PDF document named "Abiquo V2 Branding Guide" attached to this page.



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