Abiquo v.3.2.7 Now available

Abiquo v3.2.7 is now available for installation. This is an update for Abiquo V3.2.x. Remember that with the new update system, previous bugfixing releases are not required to apply the upgrade.

Please read the upgrade instructions (linked below) carefully for this release.

Abiquo v3.2.7 contains the following improvements and bug fixes.


Resolved issues:

  • 8348 - Duplicated datastores when refreshing physical machine definition after renaming an already configured datastore

  • 8373 - Virtual machine unsubscribed after instance request fail

  • 8378 - Error when collecting metrics from ESXi. If there is a problem, e.g. time gap in VSM/vCenter, Abiquo should return an empty metrics set

  • 8387 - Prevent the user from requesting another restore if one is already in progress

  • 8396 - Not able to deploy/reconfigure a VM on ESXi with an extra HD attached


V3.2.7 is available now and can be accessed via yum update. Full release notes including details of how to apply v3.2.7 are available on our wiki page:

From Abiquo 3.2 versions: http://wiki.abiquo.com/display/ABI32/Upgrade+to+Abiquo+3.2.x+patch+versions

From Abiquo 3.1 versions: http://wiki.abiquo.com/display/ABI32/Upgrade+from+Abiquo+3.1.x+to+3.2.x


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