Abiquo v.3.4.2 Now available

Abiquo v3.4.2 is now available for installation. This is an update for Abiquo v3.4 GA and v3.4.1. 
Please read the upgrade instructions (linked below) carefully for this release.
Abiquo v3.4.2 contains the following main improvements and bug fixes:
  • 8200 - SX HA. In relation to VM pause during first power on described at
  • 8091 - Request of template conversions is sent even if the edit form is closed to cancel the operation
  • 8174 - Copy virtual appliance only configure the primary disk, not auxiliary disks
  • 8183 - New azure regions (especially Australia) don't appear in the list
  • 8188 - API Does not filter ROLES properly
  • 8194 - Instance fails on KVM
  • 8212 - Cannot unset controller for a virtual machine template disk
  • 8214 - Synchronize of load balancers from different VDC in the same location duplicates them
  • 8215 - Virtual machine errors can not be deleted in virtual appliances that were just created 
  • 8229 - Backup configuration tab in virtual machine edit popup disappears after timer refresh
  • 8235 - When CloudService has been deleted in Azure, it is not possible to remove VDC
  • 8302 - Monitoring tab in virtual appliance is not working
  • 8315 - ENTERPRISE_ADMIN role is missing ROLE_VAPP_MANAGE_BACKUP by default
  • 8324 - Not possible to edit soft limit and set to 0 when hard limit is 0
  • 8326 - Create an instance of an instance of an empty disk created on a VM raises 500 internal server error
  • 8327 - Virtual machine not found during HA when using ESX 5.5 (without vCenter)
  • 8348 - Duplicated datastores when refreshing physical machine definition after renaming an already configured datastore
  • 8351 - Not able to perform a resize of the primary disk in KVM. Fixed in new AIM verson 2.8.0
  • 8359 - Unable to select private IPs beyond 25 (and external IPs are limited to 300) when capturing VMs
V3.4.2 is available now and can be accessed via yum update. Full release notes including details of how to apply v3.4.2 are available on our wiki page: 
From Abiquo 3.4 GA and 3.4.1: http://wiki.abiquo.com/display/ABI34/Upgrade+to+Abiquo+3.4.x+patch+versions


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