Abiquo v3.2.2 Now Available

Abiquo v3.2.2 is now available for installation. This is an update for Abiquo V3.2 and V3.2.1. Remember that with the new update system, previous bugfixing releases (3.2.1) are not required to apply the upgrade. 


Please read the upgrade instructions carefully for this release. Before upgrading to V3.2.2install the new Abiquo signing key. After upgrading the Abiquo UI, add the mandatory Google Maps properties, install the Abiquo tutorials and modify the Apache configuration.


Note that there are several usability improvements to the UI in v3.2.2 as well as some changes to Microsoft Azure and these are described in the release notes.

Abiquo v3.2.2 contains the following improvements and bug fixes:Improvements: 

  • 6016 - (KVM) Hypervisor plugin support for core count on NUMA CPU architecture. Our KVM plugin should compute CPUs as "CPU socket(s)" * "NUMA cell(s)" * "Cores x socket(s)

  • 7867 - Add a Documentation button to the top menu (next to Events)

  • 7868 - Change the format of "Add a Layer" in the Virtual Appliance section from icon to button

  • 7869 - Navigate directly to VAPP/VDC from Homepage using double-click

  • 7870 - Navigate directly to VAPP from VDC page using double-click

  • 7886 - Translate event time to browser locale

  • 7893 - Open Apps library to private / public tab that has locations registered 

  • 7909 - Try to improve VSM for improved public cloud performance with different cloud credentials

Resolved issues:

  • 7026 - HA fails for persistent VMs due to an invalid requirement of a shared datastore that Abiquo does not use for persistent VMs 

  • 7633 - Tab key does not work properly when filling in forms

  • 7769 - Fields collapsed in Edit firewalls dialog for Inbound/Outbound fields

  • 7873 - Edit enterprise not working if pricing tab has not been displayed

  • 7874 - Apps Library Private / Public tabs show same info if a public cloud region does not exist

  • 7875 - Searching for public cloud templates, after clicking on a page and then repeating the search, the wrong page is displayed 

  • 7876 - Cannot capture a VM if the first disk on the controller is a data disk. Fixed so you can now capture the virtual machine and apply basic reconfigures (CPU/RAM). BUT it is not possible to modify the storage devices

  • 7880 - GEN 13 error if Azure credentials do not have a Subscription ID

  • 7882 - Fix trace after failed deploy to include Virtual Machine ID| |7883| Azure networking only recognizes the default subnet. Fixed so that you can now create multiple subnets. See http://wiki.abiquo.com/display/ABI32/Microsoft+Azure+Integration

  • 7890 - New UI client does not work when Google Maps library is not reachable (because there is no Internet conection)

  • 7902 - When capturing VMs on ESX, Ethernet drivers of NICs could be changed. Now Abiquo will use the driver of the first NIC (ordered by sequence) to create all the NICs in the captured template 

  • 7913 - Error on Create user form 

  • 7915 - Large template upload returns 401 unauthorized error

  • 7916 - Hypervisor MOVE of imported VM is not fully processed. Retrieved and captured VMs can be duplicated in Abiquo 

  • 7918 - A MOVE event is detected for a VM between public cloud regions with the same credentials. This is because VMs for all regions in the same provider are registered for each region

V3.2.2 is available now and can be accessed via yum update. 

Full release notes including details of how to apply v3.2.2 are available on our wiki page:



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