Abiquo v3.2.1 Now Available

Abiquo v3.2.1 is now available for installation. This is an update for Abiquo v3.2 that can be applied directly. Abiquo v3.2.1 contains the following improvements and bug fixes:


  • 7840 - Improve Apps library flow
  • 7850 - VirtualMachineTemplate list pagination should be aware of master relation
  • 7864 - Separate private datacenters and public cloud regions in Infrastructure view

Resolved bugs:

  • 7752 - Template definition validation should be related to definition name in tracer
  • 7756 - Deleting last IP address from deployed VM causes NET-16 error
  • 7758 - Combo box in create persistent template dialog does not match other combos
  • 7775 - Enterprise box in Home view looks overlapped
  • 7795 - The privilege "Access Infrastructure view" should not show the create, edit and delete button on the Remote Services tab
  • 7801 - Privilege "Assign load balancers" is in VDC privileges group on Privileges page of UI instead of VApp privileges group
  • 7803 - Static routes raises GEN-13 if fields are sent empty
  • 7804 - Manage user privileges must be enough to view the VDC list in case of edit/create user. A user allowed to restrict virtual datacenters to other users, should be able to access the VDC list
  • 7805 - Infrastructure-Servers view is not auto-refreshed
  • 7812 - External network creation fails if "from IP" field on Create IPs dialog is not filled in
  • 7814 - Capture VM process allows users to create VApps in VDCs that are not valid for capturing the VM
  • 7821 - Hard to choose chef cookbooks because of abbreviation of elements such as recipe names
  • 7825 - List columns are not properly shown in popups, e.g. static routes and public cloud networks
  • 7826 - Edit an RS and set an already existing URI fails with 500 internal server error
  • 7827 - It is not possible to add a remote service from the Datacenters tab. This functionality should be disabled until we refactor the Remote Services page on the Datacenters tab
  • 7832 - Wrong label in create network from VM configuration screen
  • 7833 - Editing a VM, creating an existing IP that is not used by a VM does not trigger any response
  • 7845 - List of persistent VM templates is empty if any of the persistent templates do not have a link to a volume, i.e. because the volume creation or dump to volume failed
  • 7849 - Small issues with UI labels but no changes to the meaning of label texts
  • 7858 - Location list edit window for RS overlaps box
  • 7860 - Selecting a template to create a persistent template, no pagination is used


v3.2.1 is available now and can be accessed via yum update. Full release notes including details of how to apply v3.2.1 are available on our wiki page:

http://wiki.abiquo.com/display/ABI32/Release+Notes+for+Abiquo+3.2.1 http://wiki.abiquo.com/display/ABI32/Upgrade+to+Abiquo+3.2.x+patch+versions


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