Abiquo v3.1.2 Now Available

Abiquo v3.1.2 is now available for installation. You can upgrade directly to v3.1.2. from v3.1 or any v3.1.x release. Abiquo v3.1.2 contains the following improvements and bug fixes:
7067 - Missing pagination links in /virtualdatacenters/x/virtualappliances/y/virtualmachines
7655 - Cannot edit public cloud credentials with new encryption feature
7681 - Delete enterprise fails when external network is set as default VLAN for new VDCs

7683 - Not able to upload VHDX file

7726 - Statistics in Home view overlap on small screens
7786 - Virtual appliances view shows only 25 VMs and no pagination is possible
7790 - Dashboard table headers are not localized
Abiquo v3.1.2 is available now and can be accessed via yum update. 
Full release notes and details of how to apply v3.1.2 are available on our wiki page:


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