Abiquo v3.1.1 Now Available

Abiquo v3.1.1 is now available for installation. This is an update for Abiquo V3.1.0-GA, which is a pre-requisite for this installation. Abiquo v3.1.1 contains the following improvements and bug fixes: 

  • 7627 - Remove backup text field validation in order to make the fields free text for the user. For Latest backups, the name, type and status are now free text fields. See Abiquo Backup Integration v3.1.1
  • 7617 - I can't change Hardware Profile if deploy has previously failed
  • 7614 - Close button for VNC Remote Access (eye) appears in the top-left instead of top-right of window.
  • 7611 - [XenServer] Nodecollector overflows when calculating RAM values
  • 7608 - Error with PUT backup metadata information to VM
  • 7597 - Tracer shows 403 Forbidden error when impersonating enterprise
  • 7594 - Edit credentials in public cloud not saving new credentials

v3.1.1 is available now and can be accessed via yum update. 

Full release notes including details of how to apply v3.1.1 are available on our wiki page:

Please contact Abiquo Support if you need any further information.



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