Exclusive preview of Abiquo's new HTML UI!

As an Abiquo customer, you'll be aware that we've talked for a while about replacing our Flex-based GUI with one that uses HTML5 instead. We're well on the way in development of this, and would like to give you an exclusive preview. The video in the link shows some operations in the new HTML GUI - creating a user, logging in as that user, and deploying a VM. You'll see that the new GUI will be familiar to your existing users in layout and workflow. This was a deliberate design decision to ease the transition. You'll also notice that we're working on streamlining the user experience, removing some of the "save" dialogs and making the deployment process non-modal.

You can view an exclusive preview video here http://download.abiquo.com/media/newUI.mp4

The new GUI is scheduled for release with Abiquo 3.0 early in 2014. We'll keep you informed of progress as we near the time and give you more videos and information.


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