Abiquo V2.6.1 Now Available

Abiquo V2.6.1 is now available for download. This is a fix and update for Abiquo V2.6, which is a  pre-requisite for this installation. Fixes included are 

  • 6074 List of private networks is not shown when adding a NIC to a virtual machine
  • 6116 The list of virtual datacenters only shows 25 elements when creating a virtual appliance
  • 6118 Query parameter limit=0 doesn't work to retrieve all virtual datacenters without pagination
  • 6129 When simultaneously deploying VMs in the same VLAN, the VMs are not attached in the port group
  • 6135 VIRTUAL_MACHINE_DEPLOY_FINISH event is generated when undeploying a VM
  • 6148 Persistent template remains in IN_PROGRESS state after the persistent process failed
  • 6155 kinton.metering not populating virtual machine column correctly
  • 6161 Cannot add an Oracle PM if some of the repositories are not "presented"
  • 6162 No error logs are shown in the nodecollector.log when an Oracle PM cannot be discovered because of decoding problems
  • 6164 Wrong creation of classless static routes on DHCP leases
  • 6165 Unable to attach volume to a VM through API when coming from upgrade 2.3 to 2.4 (403 error)
  • 6181 AIM  goes down working with more than one storage pool. Fix requires AIM upgrade
  • 6199 Cannot list virtual datacenters in GUI if one virtual datacenter has a default network assigned other than a private network
  • 6208 The data recorded in the DB in the table kinton.metering is no longer usable by reports
  • 6242 AIM  doesn't show bridge or bounding when adding the hypervisor to Abiquo. Fix requires AIM upgrade
  • 6250 Wrong rel is set attaching a volume in 2.6.1 using a old API resource (virtualmachines/*/storage/volumes )
  • 6277 Cannot retrieve the virtual machines from infrastructure after removing the physical machine
  • 6289 Cannot undeploy a persistent VM synchronized by import feature
V2.6.1 can be downloaded from:


User: enterprise
Password: tCs3125
Package MD5: 



Full release notes including details of how to apply V2.6,1 are attached and available on our wiki. Please contact Abiquo Support if you need any further information.

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    Peter Haas

    As per the release notes what version count does the abiquo-aim need to be upgraded to?

    Have the baseurls specified in the release notes been updated since the creation of the document?



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    Steve Rushen

    Hi Peter,

    Doing a yum update should ensure compatibility with the latest version, but it may be worth opening a support ticket so that we can sure that the overall environment is compatible.

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