Abiquo V2.4.1 Now Available

Abiquo V2.4.1 is now available for download. This is a collection of fixes for Abiquo V2.4, which is a  pre-requisite for this installation. Fixes included are 

  • 4927 Change default mouse input type of KVM from type='mouse' bus='ps2' to type='tablet'bus='usb'. This fix was tested with Abiquo KVM based on CentOS 5 and CentOS 6

  • 5171 ESX cannot attach 8 volumes (SCSI 0:7 is reserved). From now on, when reordering disks,Abiquo will bypass SCSI 0:7 for disk 7 and attach the disk to 0:8

  • 5222 If a physical machine is removed when there are captured virtual machines in vApps, this leaves those vApps in an incorrect state. From now on, when deleting a physical machine, captured virtual machines will be deleted. Captured virtual machines previously affected by this bug may be synchronized (on ESX hypervisors) or deleted manually using the API

  • 5242 Libvirt KVM plugin adds an unnecessary loader tag in XML definition (os.setLoader("/usr/bin/qemu-kvm");), which prevents VMs from starting. This bug affects KVM running on CentOS 6 systems.

  • 5263 Virtual machine must be powered off to change "show password" behavior in the GUI

  • 5281 In private networks, the VLAN tag remains assigned although there are no virtual machines deployed

  • 5287 GUI reporting wrong disk size of deployed virtual machines. This bug affected templates uploaded using the GUI. The current size on disk was shown in the Apps Library and accounted for

  • 5292 Clicking on Abiquo Support button twice causes error message to appear

  • 5301 Removing the VDC_MANAGE_STORAGE privilege does not remove 'Volumes' tab on virtual machine configuration screen

  • 5303 Instance of a captured virtual machine uses the last disk instead of the first one. This issue affected captured machines on ESX hypervisors with multiple disks but only when the primary disk was deployed as SCSI. From now on, bootable SCSI disks will be detected as the primary disk.

  • 5305 Allow OVF without Product Section to enable import of OVF exported from VMware hypervisors

  • 5307 (ESX) E1000 driver always used when attaching a NIC to DVS

  • 5308 VmxNet3 NIC type of ESX is not recognized because Abiquo was expecting the name in upper-case. This fix will enable import of OVF exported by VMware hypervisors

  • 5323 Deleting a virtual machine captured from an ESX hypervisor leaves the virtual machine in the database in the NOT_ALLOCATED state instead of deleting the VM from the database.

  • 5327 Creating an instance of a vmdk_sparse template deployed in ESXi fails

V2.4.1 can be downloaded from:

User: enterprise
Password: tCs3125

Package MD5: 990d3936913761fbfd39f46932b7e077


Full release notes including details of how to apply V2.4.1 are attached and available on our wiki. Please contact Abiquo Support if you need any further information.




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