Abiquo V2.3.2 Now Available

Abiquo V2.3.2 is now available for download. This is a collection of fixes for Abiquo V2.3, and V2.3.1 which are pre-requisites for this installation. Fixes included are:

  • 4782 Only 25 virtual machines can be seen in the virtual appliance view 
  • 5022 If more than 100 GB external storage is used and no allocation limit is set for storage, Enterprise and VDC statistics do not show statistics/value for used storage
  • 5046 Public IP limits viewing an enterprise differ from the limits when impersonating that enterprise
  • 5076 VDC Public IP limits do not change when the user changes to a different enterprise
  • 5088 Users from a specific Enterprise do not see Public IP allocation limit in Home view for enterprise
  • 5128 VirtualApp Enterprise Statistics doesn't show attached volumes
V2.3.2 can be downloaded from:


user: enterprise

password: tCs3125

Package MD5: 937d7b43cdd771d6f1b299b18b569231

Full release notes including details of how to apply V2.3.2 are attached. Please contact Abiquo Support if you need any further information.




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