Abiquo Accounting Data

Abiquo has recently discovered situations in which the Abiquo 2.0 (and earlier) software can cause discrepancies in the accounting of resources in its accounting and billing functionality, which may lead to under or overcharging of the affected resources.   Note that these situations are correctly handled in the latest version 2.3 of Abiquo, however, even if you are using version 2.3 there may still be discrepancies present if you have upgraded from an earlier version of Abiquo. The discrepancies are caused by deployed virtual machines that are then reconfigured, resulting in multiple rows in the accounting database tables.

If you are using the Abiquo accounting data and think that you may be impacted by this issue please contact Abiquo support and we will be happy to discuss the options with you. We are also recommending that customers using accounting data upgrade to V2.3 so that they can avoid this issue.




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