Abiquo V2.3.1 Now Available

Abiquo V2.3.1 is now available for download. This is a collection of fixes for Abiquo V2.3, which is a pre-requisite for this installation. Fixes included are:

  • 4869 In Home view, the 'green bars' graphing available allocated resources are not showing
  • 4937 For a live migrated persistent VM, VSM is updated but not hypervisor in database, and retrieve operation does not show this VM
  • 4955 Volumes from others VDCs can be seen by users with restricted access to one VDC
  • 4963 A user with VDC restrictions can retrieve all the existing persistent VMs from his enterprise through the API
  • 4999 UCS Blade Configuration tab does not appear in the GUI, meaning that UCS blades cannot be configured
V2.3.1 can be downloaded from:
user: enterprise
password: tCs3125
Package MD5: 43a6b044c3c16187cff09933f15a336f abiquo-upgrade-2.3.1.bin
Full release notes including details of how to apply V2.3.1 are attached. Please contact Abiquo Support if you need any further information.


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