Abiquo 2.0 Hotfix 7 is released.

Abiquo is pleased to announce that Abiquo V2.0 HF7 has been released and can be down loaded from


Abiquo V2.0 HF7 is now available for download from:
MD5: 38d34b946235a441f64c2d3109594703
A copy of the release notes is attached to this announcement. This hotfix resolves the following issues.



3864: The circular virtual machines chart in Datacenter view was not shown if running VMs = total VMs.

4378: When HA is executed, if there are no suitable physical machines to move VMs to, the physical machine remains in state HA_IN_PROGRESS and cannot be re-enabled.

4391: Incorrect check when editing an enterprise Hard Disk hard limit. This fix ensures that the platform checks the Hard Disk used in the enterprise, not the total Hard Disk in use.

4416:Events list and other views are retrieving all records during pagination. This fix improves performance of the API and the GUI. For example, in Home view (Events) and Events view, the list will render faster because the platform will only retrieve the requested page

4422: Instances of persistent VMs always get LUN-0 as the source disk. This fix ensures that the correct disk is always copied when creating an instance of a persistent VM

4439:When a rack is HA enabled, the Nodecollector process, to check the hypervisors, is running twice. This fix improves performance and stability.


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