Abiquo v4.0.3 now available!

Abiquo v4.0.3 is now available for installation. This is an update for Abiquo v4.0, v4.0.1 and v4.0.2.
Please read the upgrade instructions (linked below) for this release.
Abiquo v4.0.3 resolves the following issues.
Resolved issues
    • 9859 - Unknown error getting candidates to relocate virtual machine
    • 9853 - Virtual machine using ISO is deployed but still locked in the platform
    • 9843 -The platform fails to detect powered on VMs if the VM is vMotioned after the vCenter power on event
    • 9842 - Backup - Veeam - Error paginating jobs when loading plugin
    • 9739 - Cannot get vmdef when vSphere is using a language other than English
Release notes: http://wiki.abiquo.com/display/doc/Release+Notes
How to upgrade: http://wiki.abiquo.com/display/doc/Upgrade+Abiquo


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