Abiquo v3.10.5 is now available

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Abiquo v3.10.5 is now available for installation. This is an update for Abiquo v3.10.4, v3.10.3, v3.10.2, v3.10.1, and v3.10.0.
Please read the upgrade instructions (linked below) for this release.
Abiquo v3.10.5 resolves many issues and includes the following feature and improvements.
  • 9441 - Allow end user to define the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) in the UI and the API
  • 9479 - Change "Retrieve virtual machines" tooltip
  • 9556 - Edit VM - Guest user and password should match behavior of "Get default credentials" button. Template credentials and VM credentials should be hidden by the "Retrieve default VM credentials" privilege and "Perform virtual machine actions" privilege
  • 9558 - Monitoring screen, add label to explain refresh
  • 9564 - Add VM password in API response from deploy, if deploy task finishes OK and user requesting the task is the VM owner, and only in media type "application/vnd.abiquo.taskextended"
  • 9599 - Show disk UUID in UI
Resolved issues:
  • 9298 - UI doesn't accept special characters like 'Ñ' or 'Ç' in the user e-mail field
  • 9419 - Respect hostname of virtual machines in guest customization (reconfigure)
  • 9513 - ToolTip Text on Vapp -> Control -> Alerts "Create Alert/Alarm" Button isn't displayed
  • 9525 - Deploying a VM that requires guest password generation and has no owner does not show the proper error
  • 9527 - Storage vMotion does not update datastore tier
  • 9529 - Impersonate changes enterprise theme logo
  • 9531 - Representation error in monitoring-view
  • 9532 - Home view - Content of "Virtual Datacenter overview" can be scrolled, but the headers cannot
  • 9543 - Action plan name is not displayed if it is too long
  • 9548 - Duplicate tooltip when deleting task schedule
  • 9560 - VSM Destroy with monitoring not available leaves inconsistent data in DB
  • 9574 - Edit template requires access to scopes
  • 9578 - Prevent reconfigue in VM that needs to be synchronized with hypervisor first
  • 9582 - Correct character encoding in email template rendering
  • 9584 - Inappropriate default for max time for waitVirtualMachineInOff (guest customizations password)
  • 9591 - Wrong hostname in reconfigure - guest customizations
  • 9611 - Monitoring selector combo with wrong position
  • 9617 - Capture not working when using NSX


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