Abiquo v4.0.1 now available!

Abiquo v4.0.1 is now available for installation. This is an update for Abiquo v4.0.

Please read the upgrade instructions (linked below) for this release.
Abiquo v4.0.1 resolves many issues and includes the following features and improvements.
  • 9442 - Generate a random password at deploy time in VM (ESXi guest customization) 
  • 9517 - Veeam 9.5
  • 8523 - Abiquo now manages vCenter as a master hypervisor - ESXi - Remove the need for a local user. After the upgrade, the administrator must edit the master hypervisor in Abiquo and add the vCenter administrator user and password.
  • 8959 - Cloud-init on KVM
  • 9365 - Azure ARM improvements - Implemented the networking features, improved the storage configuration by using the managed disk APIs, and fixed the resource group limitations of previous versions. Customers using Azure ARM must perform addtional steps at the end of the upgrade process.
  • 8280 - Monitoring - When filtering metrics display, do not allow negative values
  • 8353 - Propagate template description to virtual machine and from virtual machine to instances
  • 8619 - Datacenter links should contain externalips action
  • 8695 - Add switch enterprise button to Users view
  • 8839 - Delete deprecated HA check on hypervisors
  • 9194 - ESXi - Relocate failures are not properly explained for the user
  • 9243 - KVM Centos 7 - Remove symbolic link to emulator 
  • 9306 - Backup tab - Enable user to increase/decrease column size
  • 9336 - Editing VM, perform call to retrieve VM backup events only if location has backup policies available 
  • 9337 - Move VNC password to a more accessible place. Now the password is displayed in the VM details (control panel) on the General tab, when the user selects the VM
  • 9376 - vCloud - Implement virtual machine instance 
  • 9412 - Add Windows Server 2016 OS Type for templates. Will not fix because this is not yet included in the CIM standard. Use osType: WINDOWS, osVersion: 9 Server. When configuring Windows 2016 from the web client, the vSphere API uses ''windows9Server64Guest''. Abiquo Support ticket: 4701
  • 9445 - Enforce disk UUID at VM level. Present disk UUID as SCSI serial number in the guest OS. Set Remote Services property com.abiquo.esxi.disk.enableuuid=true (also on Monolithic server)
  • 9446 - Return UUID in Disk DTO
  • 9482 - Pricing model - "Tab" key does not work on "Datastore tiers" and "Persistent storage" tabs
  • 9514 - Capture VM - Enable user to increase / decrease column size to display full VDC or VApp names
  • 9521 - Include virtual machine name in all the configure/deconfigure log entries
  • 9523 - It should be possible to edit the manager IP of a managed hypervisor
  • 9547 - User interface - Prevent adding a managed host twice by indicating the managed hosts already added to the rack
  • 9556 - Edit VM - Guest user and password should match behavior of "Get default credentials" button. Template credentials and VM credentials should be hidden by the "Retrieve default VM credentials" privilege and "Perform virtual machine actions" privilege
  • 9561 - User interface - Improve usability of Action plans with changes to Triggers tab. Make the tab visible at all times and guide the user to the tab after they create an action plan
  • 9562 - Add sudo dependency for upgrades/installations of Abiquo 4.0 to avoid issues with NFS-plugin. Abiquo Support ticket: 4792
  • 9564 - Add VM password in API response from deploy, if deploy task finishes OK and user requesting the task is the VM owner, and only in media type "application/vnd.abiquo.taskextended"
  • 9599 - Show disk UUID in the UI
  • 9620 - ESXi - improve response management
V4.0.1 is available now and can be accessed via yum update. Full release notes and details of how to apply v4.0.1 are available on our wiki pages:


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