Abiquo v3.10.4 now available!

Abiquo v3.10.4 is now available for installation. This is an update for Abiquo v3.10.3, v3.10.2, v3.10.1, and v3.10.0.
Please read the upgrade instructions (linked below) for this release.
Abiquo v3.10.4 resolves many issues and includes the following feature and improvements.
  • 8950 - In VSM synchronization, take NICs into account to detect changes in VM definitions
  • 9412 - Add Windows Server 2016 OS Type for templates. Will not fix because this is not yet included in the CIM standard. Use osType: WINDOWS, osVersion: 9 Server. When configuring Windows 2016 from the web client, the vSphere API uses ''windows9Server64Guest''
  • 9445 - Enforce disk UUID at VM level. Present disk UUID as SCSI serial number in the guest OS. Set Remote Services property com.abiquo.esxi.disk.enableuuid=true (also on Monolithic server)
  • 9446 - Return UUID in Disk DTO
Resolved issues:
  • 9210 - Get pricing throws an error if virtual machine storage disk does not have a tier
  • 9379 - Events window for a VM can be opened twice, but only closed once
  • 9398 - Nodecollector cannot read hypervisors if there are volumes with volume letter but without capacity. Fixed by ignoring volumes with no capacity
  • 9419 - Respect hostname for imported virtual machines in guest customization
  • 9424 - Undeploy action may delete extra hard disk from VM when using eager zero thick provisioning
  • 9440 - Enable Abiquo to manage disk controllers
  • 9451 - Azure ListTemplates is unusable if custom templates exist in subscription. Fixed temporarily by removing the ability to create snapshots from Abiquo and importing this kind of custom image from Azure subscription
  • 9456 - VApp state API call requires edit privileges. Fixed enabling user with ROLE_VDC_ENUMERATE privilege to view virtual datacenters to check virtual appliance state, retrieve public IPs in the virtual datacenter, and get pricing estimate
  • 9459 - There are two tooltips over Create instance button
  • 9470 - Hyper-V CSV volume sizes are not correctly retrieved when too large
  • 9490 - Instance failed but still spinning in Apps library
  • 9494 - Revise tooltips for "Add layer" and "Virtual appliance spec"
  • 9497 - Action plan - Not able to perform actions related to reconfigure process
  • 9506 - Create vApp Spec requires access to scopes
  • 9511 - Wrong label in external disk creation
  • 9515 - Disk sequence changes are ignored
Release notes: http://wiki.abiquo.com/display/ABI310/Release+Notes
How to upgrade: http://wiki.abiquo.com/display/ABI310/Upgrade+Abiquo


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