Why can't I find Windows templates in Azure ARM?

When you use the Azure ARM integration, you'll need to import templates into the App Library before you or your users can deploy machines from them. Unlike the AWS integration, there's some configuration required on the Remote Services to allow your desired "Publisher" templates to be returned by the search. This is partly because the Azure API isn't particularly fast and it has a rate limit on performed requests, so by limiting the available Publishers we can optimise the user experience.

To add new Publishers, first get a list of the Publishers you need. You can do this with the Azure CLI:


Or just search the Internet for "Azure ARM Publishers".

As of March 2017, key Publishers are:

Publisher Offer SKU
MicrosoftDynamicsNAV DynamicsNAV 2015
MicrosoftSharePoint MicrosoftSharePointServer 2013
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2014-WS2012R2 Enterprise-Optimized-for-DW
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2014-WS2012R2 Enterprise-Optimized-for-OLTP
MicrosoftWindowsServer WindowsServer 2012-R2-Datacenter
MicrosoftWindowsServer WindowsServer 2012-Datacenter
MicrosoftWindowsServer WindowsServer 2008-R2-SP1
MicrosoftWindowsServer WindowsServer Windows-Server-Technical-Preview
MicrosoftWindowsServerEssentials WindowsServerEssentials WindowsServerEssentials
MicrosoftWindowsServerHPCPack WindowsServerHPCPack 2012R2

To configure the list of publishers that Abiquo will use, set the jclouds.azurecompute.arm.publishers property in the abiquo.properties file on the Remote Services server.


Note you need to restart the Abiquo tomcat service in order to apply any changes to the abiquo.properties file. Then search for your templates! Note that using the Operating System Type of "Windows" may not return Windows templates as you might expect. In that case, use the name search instead.


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