Abiquo v3.10.1 now available

Abiquo v3.10.1 is now available for installation. This is an update for Abiquo v3.10.

Please read the upgrade instructions (linked below) for this release.
Abiquo v3.10.1 resolves many issues and includes the following features and improvements.
Features and Improvements:
  • 9025 - Add index to accounting_event_detail table
  • 9066 - ESXi - Allow virtual machine to relocate to new host (vMotion from the API)
  • 9084 - Reconfigure should only check for needed resources (limits / hypervisor usage). Avoid checking resources that are not incremented during reconfigure
  • 9087 - Current VPC model doesn't have a name so synchronization will create VirtualDatacenters using name = providerId
  • 9092 - ESXi - guest customization - CentOS 6 (and RHEL) doesn't bring up newly added network interfaces as part of reconfigure
  • 9100 - Do not allow past times in task schedules
  • 9113 - Action plan "increase" text not clear that it is increase "by" x CPUs
  • 9114 - No header for VM list on action plan page
  • 9116 - Action plan "move" tooltip doesn't clear
  • 9136 - Host metrics plugin to support VM location to new host
  • 9179 - ESXi - Guest customization - Define hostname in Windows VMs.
  • 9182 - ESXi - Guest customization - Set unique hostname < 13 chars
V3.10.1 is available now and can be accessed via yum update. Full release notes and details of how to apply v3.10.1 are available on our wiki pages:


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